Dear Friend and/or friends

Hello out there. My name is James McGowan. I am currently on Alabamas D-Row. I have lots of hobbies, camping, fishing, swimming and many more. But here hobbies are very limited. I enjoy passing my time by reading, writing and drawing. It truly does get very lonely as well as depressing here at times. And it would be great to have a few good penfriends who are caring, understanding, with a nice sense of humor and is sincere about writing. I am not looking for romance, only sincere friendship. I canít say that I am a perfect person, because Iíve certainly made mistakes through life. But I am a very caring and respectful person. I ask that you feel comfortable writing about anything. And if you have questions please feel free to ask. I donít mind answering, providing I can.

Also I need to ask that all letters have return name and address on the outside of the envelope due to policy of corrections.

With that Iíll close up. In sincere hopes of hearing from you soon.

Take excellent care, and God Bless

James McGowan #Z602
Holman Unit-3700