My name is Matthew Reeves. Iím 26 years old black male on death row. Iíve been on death row since í98. Iím upfront about most things in my life and I donít let pride destroy my life. Iím looking for a woman of any race, because I have no race issues. Aging from 20-42, Iím all ears for your conversation, and I hope we find out we have almost a lot in common. I have a lot of hobbies. I like writing, drawing, sports and music. I like to watch from my cell when the sun rises and falls. Iím wondering if thereís a woman out there who wants a man whoíll listen to what they have to say?

Plus, take you seriously, never put you beneath him. Iím your guy. I also believe a woman should be surprised often with a rose or a card or something daily. Because if it werenít for a female there wouldnít be any life period. Man canít give birth to a child in this generation we are living in, truly. Also, Iíd like to receive mail from a female whoís spiritually grounded too, and hopefully I can learn somethingÖ because Iíve not yet stopped sinning completely, and Iíd like to know how it feels to be sin free. But those of you who arenít saved that doesnít mean you canít write me also. I know thereís a few more questions youíd like to ask, personal or death row. Iím sorry I donít have a picture of myself, but Iím sure that doesnít matter at the moment, right? Iíll get you one as soon as possible, but I donít care that much for looks. I deal with the inner beauty mostly, because itís highly unlikely a woman I meet on the internet will bond tightly enough with me to come down here, because all the real up front women are take and probably married. Iíd like to receive mail from my African Queens out there , but other brothers theyíve burned you so much.

Thank you for your time and hopefully your consideration.

Take care

Matthew Reeves
4D12 B/Z-636
Holman Prison 3700