Hello: My name is Joseph Smith. I am an inmate here on Alabamaís D-row.

I really have been searching for sometime now for a couple of great pen friends to write and correspond with. I am not a saint, I have certainly had my share of mistakes in life. But I am a respectful and caring person.

I have lots of hobbies, but hobbies are very limited in here, so I pass my time by reading and writing and doing all I can to better my situation.

I would really like to find a couple of great pen friends who would like to write and correspond. I am looking for someone who is caring, understanding, and sincere. I've a special someone, so am not looking for anything like romance. I just really need true friendship. I always answer my letters within 2 days of receiving them. I wonít keep you waiting. I donít easily get offended so feel free to ask any questions. I will answer providing I have an answer to give.

Well I guess Iíll stop here. And Iíll be anxiously waiting for your letter. Hope to hear from you soon. Please note - if you would like to write, please make sure you include your return address on the envelope. Regulations here require it!

Take excellent care

Sincerely, needing a friend.

Joseph Smith
A.I.S. # Z646, 5-D-2
3700 Holman Unit