Dear PenPal

How are you? This is my first time writing a pal, so let me bore you first by telling you about myself. My name is Michael Wayne Eggers, although I am on Death Row in the State of Alabama, I am not from here. I consider myself to be a California native because thatís where I was raised, in a town called Victorville. It is located in the mojove desert. I was born on an airbase in South Dakota where my father (God rest his soul) was stationed. I am 35 years old fixing to turn 36 on March 24. I am 6 foot tall, brown hair and blue eyes.

I was married for approximately 14 years and have 4 beautiful children, Michael Jr., Erin Lynn, Joshua Jeremiah and David Nichols. Although I am away from them I still try to stay in contact. The youngest is 13 and the eldest 17. I miss them very much. Soon I hope to see them again.

I enjoy most sports. Basketball is my favourite to watch and baseball to play. Iíve spent some time coaching on the streets which I enjoyed very much.

I was a carpenter, building houses all over Southern California, which I also enjoyed. My long term goal was to have my own business and pass it down to my children. Unfortunately thus far, I have not succeeded.

I have been locked up for 2 years and 2 months, something that has never happened to me before. I am adapting well to my new environment, thank God. He has been there to help me through it all. He has blessed me with a full life and I am ready for his calling. He has also blessed me with a new talent for my new home, I have learned to use my artistic abilities. It helps me pass the time and places a smile on peoples faces. They arenít Michelangeloís, but given time I will improve.

I have spent some time travelling the country, and must say I enjoy it very much. From California to Florida my favourite place was Kentucky. It is very pretty and has a mixture of country and city all balled up in one.

Iím going to close for now. I look forward to hearing from you soon. My address is as follows:

Michael Wayne Eggers Ė Z689
Donaldson Correctional Institute 5-78
100 Warrior Lane
Alabama 35023