Desperately seeking a very regular exchange of extra long, open minded letters on any subject the writer wishes. Will respond in as much detail as requested.

Loneliness, physical and mental stress in this zoo-like environment is beyond imagination. I am positive letters will provide me some level of pleasure and enjoyment. Living quarters are nearly 99% private so I can really concentrate while reading and writing!!

I am a ruddy complexioned Caucasian of Nordic, German, English and native American Indian ancestry. Widower lost wife of 5 years to a commercial plane crash prior to incarceration. 6 feet tall, 180 lbs. Wavey brown hair. Honest, vividly candid. I believe in saying exactly what I think and feel. Will eliminate misunderstandings. Enjoy most foods and music types. Read wide range of all publications. Try to stay abreast of current events nationally and internationally as best I can in this terrible place.

Age, appearance, race of writer not important but honesty and openmindfulness is.

Please write at your earliest convenience. I will answer all immediately on receipt.

Not: My mail is not censored nor a single word read by anyone except me. Period. Only routinely checked for contraband items not allowed. REPEAT: Not a word is read by anyone except me. So whatever writer says or asks will be strictly confidential between writer and myself.

I do not want and will not accept monetary or material items. I am simply lonely and need someone to correspond with. Anxiously awaiting to hear from anyone.

Thomas D. Arthur
Holman 3700
AL 36503-3700