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“Read Some Rhymes”

I am a Death Row Prisoner, who's eager to find
A very caring friend, who can share a little time
So I can get to know you, while you get to know me
And enjoy a great friendship, that offers a little glee
I am 42 years old, weights 162 pounds, and stands at 5 foot 9
Reading, writing, music, horses, motorcycles and the outdoors, are some likes of mine
I'll describe myself as being exceptional, comical and adventurous
But within I'm compassionate, countrified and mysterious.

My nights are sometimes lonely; occasionally, my days are blue
But I thank God, who always sees me through
You may be reluctant to write to me, for fear that I'll die
Once your heart grows fond of me, to cause you to cry.
Could death not take me just as easily from out there, before you said good-bye?
I could get iht my a truck you know; and that is no lie
But I can understand how you feel, and would probably feel the same as you do
Considering the fact that there are things I fear, because I'm human too.

To show you just how much loneliness, that I am beaten
I'm going to take you back a ways, and into the Garden of Eden
Where God created Adam, and saw that he was very sad
Before God then bought him to Eve, that made Adam really glad
Now I know what it's like, to be without a lady friend
To watch my life goes by, like dust of the earth, blowing in the wind
But if God loved Adam enough, to comfort him with a wife
Then surely He will do likewise for me, and bring someone into my life.

My friendship is not limited to single women only
Men and married women make good friends to a man who is lonely
The youth can also write, provided that it's OK with mom and dad
Then I can recommend things to do and not to do, once you get mad
And those of you facing a life of turmoil, can write to me as well
To get a word of encouragement and comfort, from within a prison cell
Now my pleas and photographs, are spun onto the Worldwide Net
While I wait to answer letters, from all the friends I hope to get

(Envelopes addressed to me must include your name and address on the envelope)

If you write to me, then please contact my sister at the address below. She will then let me know to expect your letter - this is due to mail being occasionally misplaced at the prison. Thank you!

Mr. Leroy White
Holman 3700
AL 36503

My Sister's address:
Mr. Leroy White
c/o Jacquelin White
2456, 57th St. E.
AL 35405