My name is Corey Smith. I am 27 years of age. My date of birth is November 27th, 1976. I am an African-American male. I am 5’10, weigh 200 pounds, black hair and brown eyes. I have been incarcerated since February of 1995 and am currently on Alabama’s Death Row.

My sole purpose and intentions in placing this ad on the internet is to hopefully find someone the correspond with as well as develop and establish a true and sincere friendship with. Time is too precious and valuable to waste so I don’t believe in playing mind nor prison games. I elieve in being honest and truthful at all times, regardless of the situation or circumstances.

I treat a person in the same fashion and manner in which I wish to be treated. I am a straightforward, open-minded and trust-worthy person. My hobbies and interests include weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, reading, listening to music, writing, drawing etc. I would love to share and exchange ideas, thoughts, opinions and perspectives on different subjects and topics pertaining to life in general. If you so decide to write, please include return name and address on the envelope as the mail room will not allow me to accept it without one.

Hopefully this can be the start of a great friendship

Respectfully and sincerely yours,

Corey Smith Z584
Holman correctional facility
Holman 3700
Ala 36503