Hello. My name is Anthony Brown. Iím an African American male thatís been incarcerated since the age of 16 and am now currently on Alabamaís death row. There have been many people judge me, casting my existence aside as though I was no more than a worn piece of cloth, never knowing the real person inside of me. I would really love to correspond with someone. Iím a great listener, and I also have experiences (life), motivation and friendship to share with anyone willing to accept it. My interests are poetry, world events, reaching out to youth and the love of life in general. Iím a very optimistic and open minded person. If you are interested in sharing correspondence with me, I would love to have the opportunity of knowing someone that cares.

Hope to know you soon

Anthony Brown Z684
Holman correctional facility
Holman 3700
Ala 36503