Hi there. My name is Chad. I'm 28 years old and currently suffering here on Arizona's Death Row. I'm looking for a friend to help me keep hold onto a piece of reality while I'm stuck in this hell-hole. I was locked up at an early age, 19, so I didn't have the chance to experience what the world and a full, free life has to offer. I was an active person who loved the mountains, forests and the open, fresh air. Now I'm stuck in this concrete oven in the middle of the desert. I loved working and creating with my hands, but wince hobbies aren't allowed in here, I've started to learn how to draw. I also love to read fiction, when I can get hold of some books anyway.

I could really use a hug, but since that's not possible, a letter from you would really brighten my day considerably. If you're interested, write to me, tell me about yourself and your world, give me something to think about other than these bare, concrete walls all day. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say, and I hope you will write me soon.

Take care and God bless you

Chad A Lee #110783
PO Box 3400
Arizona State Prison
Eyeman, SMU-II
AZ 85232-3400