My name is Chris Lamar and I am currently living in Arizona's notorious SMU II where death row is housed. Yes, I am a Death Row inmate. I pass my time doing what I can in my small room that I'm confined to almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am very interested in finding people to correspond with. Without some kind of communication I feel I may soon go nuts.

You see, I just got to Death Row. From my arrest, trial and sentencing it took 4 years and 7 months. Over this time, and the short time I have been here, all my friends and family members have forgotten about me and gone on with their own lives. I'm just looking for a friend or friends who would care what happens to me. Some one I can talk to and share my thoughts with. If you can help me out I'd be very grateful.

I really hope to hear from you. Please write to me at the following address

Chris Lamar
ADC#159213 3.G.14
Arizona State Prison
Complex Eyman
PO Box 3400
AZ 85232