The Death Penalty has become so politically correct that society seems to ignore the fact that there are innocent people on Death Row, not to mention that “Capital Punishment” is as wrong as any other murder.

Yes, I'm on Death Row and like most of society I knew very little about Death Row before I got here but I am one of those that don't belong here.

I'm not looking for anyone to believe me, but I'm looking for communication with those in the free world.

I could not afford the high price of justice so I began learning the law, otherwise I would still be ion the dark about “Capital Murder”. Justice is like everything else in America – we receive the amount we can afford. Isn't America great???

Death Row has to be the epitome of loneliness and despair for anyone to conceive even in a mere thought and to share views, thoughts and opinions with others can cast great light where now there is nothing but darkness and gloom.

I'm not seeking any particular person or ethnicity and will respond expressively to anyone that wishes to write,


Bernard Smith #49340
Arizona State Prison
PO Box 3400
AZ 85232