Dear Friends

Greetings! My name is Arturo A. Canez, and Im currently incarcerated in Arizona.

Im writing in a desperate attempt to receive some communication from the outside world. My community ties are virtually non-existent and Im without the support of family.

I am not looking for anyone in particular to write to, just anyone who would be interested and has a few moments to spare in writing a letter once in a while.

If you decide youd like to write, please feel free to ask anything your curiosity creates and talk about whatever youd like. Ill answer your questions to the utmost, or as best I can.

Any help you could afford would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking your time in reading this letter. God Bless you and please take care!


Arturo A Canez #50344
Arizona State Prison Eyman
PO Box 3400 / SMU II
AZ 85232