My name is Daniel Cook, and I live on Death Row in Arizona. I am 40, have blue eyes, brown hair, weigh approx. 170 lbs, near six feet in height. I am hoping that I can meet people thru correspondence and build a few good friendships. I have been on Death Row for nearly 14 years. Despite the years, I have managed to keep a good sense of humor (mostly at the expense of the guards). I take pride in being honest, sincere, compassionate, funny, discrete and friendly. I have lots of time on my hands these days, so all letters will get an answer. I'm a pretty open person and enjoy sharing my thoughts and points of view with anyone brave enough to ask for either. I love the outdoors and dogs, horses, cats, writing short stories, poetry and letters. I am educated to a point, never made it to any university, unless you take into consideration years of reading in a prison law library.

So, if you have qualities similar to mine, and you would like to correspond with me, I welcome your letters. All letters received will get a reply.

You can write to me at:

Daniel W. Cook #69007
PO Box 3400
Arizona 85232

If I were reading this ad for the first time, I would take a chance and write to me!

Bye for now
Daniel Cook