Six Silent Tears

Last night before I went to bed
Thoughts of you filled my troubled head.
Though I've not cried this way in years
Onto my pillow fell six silent tears…
The first was for your smile that I miss
The second was for your angel face
And the loving thought of your embrace…
The third came as no surprise,
As I thought of the warmth that fills your eyes.
After this the fourth came rolling,
Instead of my pillow it was you I was holding…
The fifth tear came for one reason alone,
I felt my love for you was not fully shown.
I really miss holding you babe
There just fell the sixth silent tear…

By Danny Jones


Awake oh sleeper, look within
And remember who you really are,
You've already slumbered far too long,
It's your time to become a shining star.
Be guided by the one within
Allow yourself to become aware,
Be perceptive to the radiant light,
As your inner glow begins to flair.
Release your everlasting love
To all conditions near and far
It's time to come alive once more
And remember who you really are

By Danny Jones


When dark clouds gather in the sky,
And raindrops fall in the storms of life.
The bright promises of the archer
Span like the arcs of his bow.
From cloud to heavy cloud
Of the saddened heart,
Will true love he ever know

By Danny Jones

The Men Behind the Wall

Some men live for others and make their presence known,
Some men live in seclusion and choose to live alone.
Some men sand for justice and walk inside the law,
But of these men the group I'm in are the men behind the wall…

They've given up their freedom, and sacrificed their rights,
By day they walk in silence and sorrow fills their nights.
They've learned to hide their tears regardless they still fall,
They walk alone and hope seems gone for the men behind the wall…

Some have lost their families and most have lost their friends,
Today will bring a heartache that tomorrow cannot mend.
Letters are unanswered, nobody takes their calls
They count their cost and much is lost for the men behind the walls…

If there is one who is righteous then let them cast the stone,
And if he's known perfection then let him die alone.
The one man who was perfect was Judged in Pilate's hall,
He knows best the debt and loves them yet, these men behind the wall…

By Danny Jones