Warm Greetings

I am a prisoner currently here on San Quentin's Death Row. The penfriends with whom I seek correspondence with are basically libertarians at heart ~ or anyone on the far left having an interest informs of oppression, authority and domination, and is willing to partake in developing strategies (for action) against them.

Their age ranges I'd prefer being from 35 years upwards, although constructive feedback from a younger constituent will be just as fruitful.

My activities or hobbies include running, kickboxing and a lot of documentary reading. I also hold yard class sessions on economics, paramilatry and geopolitical issues. I believe our struggles herin is not an isolated struggle, but one that encompasses and is shared by the global arena as a retaliatory response against human repression.

Much strength, love and solidarity

Cliff Bolden,
#H03900 2EB63
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974