Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself. A am 37 years young (smile), born a day after Christmas, which would make me a Christmas baby (smile). I have been here for eleven years now, and have many interests to keep me busy. My favourite being drawing, a little paining, and writing poems. Iím no poet, but sometimes I manage to amaze myself (smile). Those are just a few interests that consume my time away from my cell. Outside of my cell, when Iím on yard, I enjoy working out, playing cards, dominoes and basketball. Besides working out, playing baseball is my most favourite thing to do. It reminds me of the days when I played college ball back in í89, and yes!! I was and am very good (smile).

Religion plays a big part of my life as well. Iím a firm believer in God, and what his words represent. Iím not a fanatic and I donít follow any certain denominations. But I do study the ancient Egyptian spirituality (Oruba). Since being here, I have been learning to speak Swahili, one of my many different ethnic languages, in which happens to be African American, French and Native American (Navajo). All of which I am very happy to be connected with and hope, one day, learn to speak the three languages fluently. My first and last names are French, and my middle name is of African American descent Ė though I am incarcerated under Chauncy (a long story) my name is De Chaunce (Da Shawnce). Hopefully Iíll get the opportunity to share the story with a new friend.

Well, I tried to keep this short without turning thins into a mini-novel, something that isnít hard for me to do, seeing that I love to write and express myself, not just through my artworks but through my writings as well. So even though thereís so much more to tell, I will bring this to an end in hopes of one day, being able to share the rest of myself with a new friend.

Thank you so much for listening and reading my letter.

Respectfully yours

De Chance

Mr. Chancey Veasley
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94964