Handsome single white male death row prisoner is the last of his families bloodline. Been incarcerated since 1984 for crime he is not guilty of!

Has many interests and enjoys learning.

Would like to hear from anyone interested in corresponding as a friend. Not actually looking for romance, but is not closed to the possibility of finding it.

Please write to me directly at the below address because the prison rules prohibit prisoners from receiving any printed emails or other material printed out from the internet (see this memo from the Warden for more information).

Could also use contributions of postage stamps or cheques or money orders of any amount. Should be made payable to Jack Friend #H-39500 and sent in the regular mail to me at the same address to which anyone can write to me:

Jack Friend #H-39500
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974

Please don't just sit there and think that someone else will help or write because if everyone is sitting and thinking the same then no-one will help or write and I will end up doing without any mail or the help I need.