Ernest Dykes Jr.
DOB 12-23-72/Age 30 yrs.
Height 5’11”, weight 170lbs
Race: African American
Hobbies: Academic curriculums, exercise, writing, poetry, mathematics, esoteric interpretation of ancient religion (Western and Eastern countries).

Missive of Friendship


African American male, currently on Death Row! Seeking to establish friendship with someone who is non-judgemental. Sincere, compassionate, understanding and as eccentric as I am in an outgoing and loving way.

I’ve been incarcerated 9 years and my spirit has been tested many times. Through it all I remain strong! Although I am faced with an adverse situation, I remain very optimistic toward proving my innocence by way of appeal. However, until then I work toward human growth and development, so I can be a productive member of society and contribute. So, if you have any compassion of the heart… please allow it to shine.

Thank You

Ernest Dykes 5-EB-100
PO Box J90300
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974