Seeking a Friendly Connection

My name is Eric, I am a 46 year old death row inmate. I am currently seeking communication with a unique, open, understanding, real and caring heart female who is interested in creating a special relationship. I seek a connection that will provide me with a window to the outside world as well as allowing me the opportunity to know your mind, heart and thoughts. The whole meaning of us creating our friendship will be based on harmony, trust, communication and respect. Iím just reaching out hoping to find someone willing to reach in. Iím not seeking a fair weather friend, I need someone solid and real.

Personal Side: 5í9Ē, 175lbs, brown eyes. Iím caring, real, understanding, intelligent and open-minded. I have a nice personality and a good heart. I am a simple, straight up type of guy and not into playing head games.

Closing words: It would be gratifying to be blessed with the communication of unique female who desires to create a special friend that will bloom like the essence of a rose. Hey, Iím just a guy seeking a sacred place of refuge inside your heart and thoughts. Iím not perfect, nor am I a saint, but I am real. Race unimportant. Itís the size of the heart that counts.


Eric Kimble C28700
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974