Hello! I would like to begin by greeting you with my most sincere well wishes.

My name is Paul Watkins and I am currently incarcerated here at San Quentin where I have been for many years. I am a Death Row inmate and to say the least the situation is not always a pleasant one as you might be able to imagine. For the majority of my years here I have spent my time with virtually no acquaintances that I could communicate with in a friendship or purely social level which as it turns out in many ways can only serve to aggravate or further depress the situation as there have been no outlets or positive distractions individually available for me to turn to that would allow me to concentrate on things aside from what one is unable to avoid each day. Lately I have been actively trying to change or improve my situation.

I would like to correspond with individuals that are interested in becoming involved with others in a pen-pal situation.

I look forwards to hearing from anyone who is willing to write.

Truly in friendship

Paul S. Watkins
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974