Please have Empathy

Male, unjustly convicted, currently on Death Row! However, while liberation via my appeal is my main objective towards proving my innocence! I do have other interests and goals!

What Im seeking to establish is, correspondence with someone for the sake of friendship! Someone whom I can not only exchange ideas and thoughts with, but someone whos as sincere, compassionate, and as eccentric as I am in a cheerful and loving way.

Besides corresponding with you, some of my interests are: Spirituality, Economics, Math and Computer Technology, with a willingness to learn more. So that upon my release I can make a greater contribution to society.

Therefore, if you have one drop of sympathy or compassion within your heart, please allow that sensitivity to emerge as being responsive to my plea for correspondence.

Thank you very much! And with sincere appreciation for sparing a few moments of your time, and also for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Cordially yours

Franklin Lynch
PO Box H-34201
San Quentin
CA 94964