Hello, my name is Mr. Darrell “Element” Lomax. I am 35 yrs of age. 5’10”, 109 lbs, born 6/22/70. I’ve been on Death Row here in California since late 1996.

I consider myself open minded and low key. I am a Unitarian Universalist who also supports “polyamory”. A read though provoking literature and dark erotica. A also write song lyrics and poetry. I exercise, play basketball and do yoga.

I desire to hear from anyone who’s honest, loyal and in any position to help me in the following areas:

Legal aid; representation or information
I have song lyrics and poetry for sale
I have children song book that is marketable

Female companionship; photos
Uncensored communication with an adult woman, about what men and women want from each other.
Finally I’d like to hear back from anyone who actually gets the following poem, “From Public to Private” especially any and all human rights activists.

Darrell Lomzx K27402
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974


Once out of the sight of a watchful view
For a moment as long as it last,
When no-one can hear you whisper your peace
Then privacy’s found at last.

The acts that commence between you and whomever
Exchanging your whispers or touch,
Are examples of what should be kept in the hush
As promises tent to entrust.

Yet, never assume another one knows
The equal amount of your knowledge,
Cuz things elementary to understanding
May complex someone in college

So speak and be clear about what you expect
From people on matters that’s private,
This way they know what to keep from the public
Hushed in a promise of silence


Behind the door of privacy , you can do anything without the fear of public embarrassment or consequences of humiliation. However, “trust” is the only bolt-lock secure enough to keep “all” secrets safe from those who are to never know whats sacred between any two people. For that it is private experiences shared between two people that builds a “true” friendship everlasting. Yet, it is the acts of betrayal that destroys the love “trust” builds.