A Womanís Touch

After years of wrongful incarceration for crimes I did not commit, and after years of being around men only, my entire being aches to feel the warm, gentle, reassuring touch of a woman. But I am not just talking about the physical. Iím also yearning to fell the mental, emotional and spiritual touch of a woman. In many respects, touching my heart, my mind and my spirit offers more and greater reward than touching my body.

Honestly, when I was in the free world, I took the touch of a woman for granted, simply because freedom has a way of breeding complacency. But after years of being locked in this cage where my only contact with women is a cold, clinical, impersonal moment with a female guard or civilian staff, it has become exceedingly obvious that a womanís touch is the greatest blessing a man can ever receive.

If you are a woman of any age, race, size or shape, if you understand, relate to and appreciate my intense need to have a woman touch my life, by all means write to me at the address below. All letters will be promptly answered and do know that a photo of yourself will be appreciated.

From a man who appreciates a womanís touch.

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Bill Clarke
PO Box K-80703
San Quentin