October 12th 2001

To: All San Quentin Staff and Inmates
RE: Obscene Material

This bulletin is submitted to clarify recent changes in the allowable materials that can be received by inmates via the institutional mail system

These changes are based on the broadening of the definition of obscene material RE (Mauro v. Arpaio 9th Cir. 1999). These changes noe exclude all materials containing frontal nudity from entering the institution. This restriction applies to, but is not limited to, materials such as magazines, periodicals and photographs that contain frontal nudity. The only exemption to these guidelines will be the Playboy Magazine.

After reviewing staffing levels and security issues, Internet mail will not be allowed at San Quentin. To do so would jeopardize the safety and security of the institution RE (Turner v. Safley [1987]).

The institutional mailroom have been applying these standards for approximately sixty (60) days. Inmates who have received a CDC 1819 form from the mailroom should complete this form in a timely manner and return them to the mailroom for the disposition of the noted contraband.

The noted changes shall be incorporated into San Quentin's Institutional Procedure 212, Mail Procedure, during its annual review.

J. S. Woodford