Hand to Hand, All Life Is Precious
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Death Row Journal

table of contents . fall 2000

Something to think about
by Troy Clarke #999351
   "It's great that advanced DNA testing is getting innocent people released from Death Row...."

A Request
by Raymond Martinez
   "I received an issue of the Lamp of Hope Project on the mail this evening ..."

The Move
by Alvin Kelly #999012
   "As we prepared to pack and move to the new Unit Super Seg in Livingston, Texas, Terrell Unit all sorts of thoughts crossed my mind..."

The Nobel Prize for Sister Helen
by Eileen Boyd

Witnessing an Execution
by Karen Sebung

Letter from Michael Sharp
by Michael Sharp
   "My Dear Brothers can't help but turn to you as I prepare for this sweet going "

Advocacy Update
by Karen Sebung

by Angel Resindez #999356
Life is Hope
by Paul Collela #999045

Lonely is the Heart
by Michael Patrick Moore #999126
Violins and Violence
by Michael Patrick Moore #999126
Ode to the Indian
by Carl Buntion #000993
by Carl Buntion #000993

Update on Federal Death Penalty Related Legislation
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