A Request
by Raymond Martinez

I received an issue of the Lamp of Hope Project on the mail this evening and the first I checked out was the execution Alert because it lets me know whom got execution date here in Texas and who has already been executed this year.

I was dishearten by what Karen Sebung the Executive Director of the Lamp of Hope Project had to say about us death row inmates not submitting enough articles to get our little news paper printed regularly.

Since I didn't noticed any articles written by death row inmates (us) I get the impression that we just don't give a damn whether the Lamp of Hope Project gets printed or not.

I don't consider myself a member of the Lamp of Hope Project. I am so anti-member of everything that I'm honestly not a member of anything. But I enjoy reading the LHP because it is very informative on some of the things that interest me.

I also enjoy reading what other death row inmates have to say whether it's informative or just some death row lunatic running his head trying to sound impressive, intelligent or what have you.

I still remember when I received my first issue of the LHP Leo Herrera was my next door neighbor at the time on the Ellis Unit #1 and we were reading the little paper together through the bars.

We were laughing like crazy at some of the corny poems.

Now, if you enjoy receiving this little paper is reliable source of information as much as I do and if you appreciate what all the people in the free world are trying to do for us not just involved in the publication of this little paper, but also all the organization that try to find us pen-pals and all the organization involved in the struggle to abolish the death penalty. I think we owe them a little something.

They're out there on the front line for us, fighting for our lives while we sit here apathetically as if we don't give a damn whether the LHP gets printed or not.

So I would like to take the time right now to thanks all the LHP staff member and all the people and organizations that helps death row inmates. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And for all my unfortunate fellow inmates presently living in the notorious Terrible Terrell Unit, I know it's hard and everything you turn around another of our friends gets executed.

So what are you thinking about? How has Terrible Terrell been treating you? Tell us (death row inmates) about it.

On my next article I intend to tell you how terrible Terrell has been treating me. And I sincerely hope to read an article written by you on the next issue of this little paper.

Cheer up and thank you for reading my article.