Witnessing an Execution
by Karen Sebung

When Michael Sharp asked me to witness his execution November 19, 1997, he said, "Karen, I want you there because I want you to know what you are fighting for." It was an experience that changed me forever. As the years pass, I have talked to others who have witnessed executions here in Texas and they all say the same thing. Witnessing an execution galvanizes one's commitment to abolition. Last Saturday evening, it was apparent that witnessing Shaka's execution had made a dramatic impact on Robert Mohammed.

We need to have more people witnessing executions. It may not help the person on the gurney but it could lead to more help for the others still on the Row. Think about it. If you have a serious execution date and you have not filled your witness list with family and friends, perhaps you would be willing to invite influential Texans to witness. We are compiling a list of people whom you might contact to be a witness.

If you are interested this possibility, please contact:
PO Box 305
League City,
TX 77574-0305
Thanks to all,
Karen Sebung