by Angel Resindez #999356

You know a lot of kids that are in slave do not know it. For them is part of life.

As the time that I was in the Candy Factory I did not know I was a slave. And with all the candy a kid will not think he is a slave.

But I was. I was a slave.

This was after a ran away from home. But I could now see that it may be other kids, used by this people.

Life is strange. I wonder how many kids are slaves in so many places in the world. How terrible this is.

My wife will not even chain the dogs, but people are chaining people for the gain of money.

But I could love to be a slave now than to be in this place. That is all way a worse place.

As you get a chance to work, you mind also get some rest. Here we do nothing, and more nothing all the time.

And at all those lock downs, we get to do more nothing at all. So I will trade places with a slave any time now. Yes I could.

I wonder how it is that so many live here can take it.

No work, that is punishment, no crafts. Nothing to do but to think and think.

Dream and more dream.

Yeah, I will trade places any time now with a slave.

Life is Hope

by Paul Collela #999045

Those who know me know that I am a fairly laid back, fun-loving person.

Being placed here on Terrell hasn't changed that though it has severely limited my fun. I can no longer ball with the fellas or give lessons on the handball court, can't get out and wrestle around or play dominoes But I refuse to give up my hope. In the past few weeks I've heard stories of people thinking to drop their appeals. I can't comprehend that at all. Even though this is not much of an existence we live in, it is an existence and where there is life, there is hope.

Giving up just makes it that much easier for these blood thirsty people and, in my personal opinion, it's very selfish. Some of you may not have families but most of you do and if you can't bear to live for yourself, live for them.

That's my plan so I'll leave it at that. I'm going to go and talk some smack to my neighbor and liven it up a bit.