Lonely is the heart

by Michael Patrick Moore # 999126, 0 5/25/94

Lonely is the heart that has been broken and betrayed.
Angry is the soul that is lost.
Tortured is the mind that has been tormented and abused.
Desperate for love at any cost.

Heavy are the fists that have bludgeoned and bruised,
Cruel are the words that were said.
Dark is the light that was once clear and bright.
Distorting the thoughts that are in the head.

Blackened soul and blackened light,
Aimless wanderers in the night;
For in this mind we search for truth:
For answers that are right.

Broken heart and broken dreams,
Can anyone hear our scream?
For in this mind we have all become lost:
No home, no life, no reprieve.

Empty the love that has neither known nor had.
Lonely is the heart that is sad.

Violins and Violence

by Michael Patrick Moore #999126, 0 6/30/95

Violins tune
For the lonely boon,
Its notes bring forth
His sorrow.

Violence dooms
Upon the happy loon,
His death brings froth
The song.

Ode To The Indian

by , Carl Buntion #000993

History is written by the victors
Many have walked the Trail of Tears
Where once a proud nation stood
Now lies buried beneath the years
A penny for your thoughts
A trinket for your hand
A blanket for your children
A treaty for your land

Now you can go to school
And be more civilized
Your heathen days are over
We want you Christianized

If you leave your enclosure
You will go to jail
If you do not obey us
Your life will be a living hell

Hang your head America
Your victory is written in shame
One day you will knell before GOD
And feel the mighty wrath of HIS NAME

For, history is written by THE VICTOR
You shall walk HIS TRAIL OF TEARS
Where once a proud nation stood
Will lie buried throughout the years.


by Carl Buntion #000993

Morning dew across the grass
A rooster announcing a new day
Warm puppies with gravy breath
Sunshine through golden hair

Pretty little girls with Easter baskets
Old pickup trucks
Cool cider in the winter
A family reunion

Children's laughter in the park
Wild flowers on a hillside
A Sunday at the zoo
A dad's handshake

True friendships that last
A genuine smile
A mom's hug
A red sunset

A good snowball fight
Christmas mornings
Clothes waving on the line
A guitar in tune

Leaders assassinated
Countries dominated
Innocent citizens executed
Atonement one day