This is my wish
by : Michael Lynn Blue # 000943

My name is Michael Lynn Blue, # 000943 and I am 37 Years old. Birth 2/22/62. A paper brown bag color.
However. I have been resided on the Texas Death Row since July 1989.
Like Ten (10) years plus six months wrongly convicted. And strong chance of not being here on Death Row Year 2001 Christmas

Merry Christmas from me to you. Foremost the elderly and Christmas. Those old our generation before us and those who has set the foundation by which we now long walketh on.

May All Praise and Blessings be with for only if I could share this Christmas to be of a worthy Cause. I would visit to the gracious one of the world before me. The Rest Homes. Set down and chat a bit, to get a piece of wisdom and knowledge from. And I would also share this season of given and sharing with Handicap and or disable to bring a sense of security that they know their love and cared for.

And as for as the future of the kids to journey before us.

I'll also love to hold make laugh and smile to play with and to be a list ever to the vision.

To share this season of given and as sharing with. Not only for this special time of the year but also as a way of my every day and given a piece of the gift of Life back to society as God has Given to us all as a gift of Life.

The fact time won't let me share with a Christmas and my wish of sharing this season greetings.

May I ask that all you who or able and willing keep the faith and will to face Life. Thankful for yourself, that you don't have. And be grateful. From Death Row I wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New Years with faith many more in our coming years by His will,

Season Greetings Respectfully,

Michael Lynn Blue