by : Carlton A. Turner, Esq. aka Skoo-B-Dawg #999321

Congratulations, to all Death Row inmates, past and present! Yes… congratulations for your accomplishments, thusfar, in making Death Row what it is today. Look around you and view your surroundings. This is the infamous Death Row of Texas and we have all made it what it is today, directly or indirectly. Every advantage and disadvantage is there because of the society of Death Row inmates. Without us as a whole, there would be no Death Row. None of us are innocent, but there are plenty of us that are not guilty of Capital Murder. However, all of us on Death Row regardless of personal circumstances.

At this point, you may ask me what my point is. My point is that we are all in the same place, under the same roof, and universally as one. When anybody says the words “Death Row”, they are talking about everyone here and everyone who was here.

Me, you, your neighbor, your enemies, your friends, and the ones you don't even know. Now… I bet that you are expecting me to rant and rave about unity and sticking together. You, sir, are absolutely, wrong! Since I am part of your society, I understand the constrictions that we face with the possibility of unification. To others in the outside, our lack of bonding and understanding of each other is impalpable. As the whole world is separated, so are we. Everybody has their own personality. If everybody was the same, then there would still be strife, because everybody would hate the next man for trying to imitate. The configuration of personalities that the “powers that be” have set, is a blatant strategy in the tactic of “separate and destroy”. Instead of sharing views openly, we have to resort to political words to gain approval on a Death Row universal basis. I'm not here to say what we need to do, but what is happening or will happen if things keep going the way they are. I will suggest certain actions and act as a medium id needed. In no way do I impose superiority, but I will note ignorance quickly.

As you can clearly tell, I am not a veteran of this situation. I'd rather consider myself as an “In Depth Observer”. I am not all knowing and I may write something incorrect, but at all times I am only giving my own observation of our conflicts.

Most of you that know me, know me by the name Skoo-B. Just to set things straight, my name is Carlton A. Turner, Esq. And my TDC number is 999321. You can do all of your checks on me, because I have nothing to hide from you. I'm not trying to get taken down like “Vanilla Ice”. If you can judge and condemn me by your findings, then you are as ignorant and blind as the jury who sent me here and the one that sent you here. It's all fine and dandy though. I'm not here for you to attack and left off your anger on, but I will debate you on certain issues if it is a logical issue. I am here for the advancement for every nation within these walls. With the approvement of certain people, I will have my comments written here frequently. Some may call me a misanthrope and say that I encourage nihilism, but those are the words of blindness and decadence. Those are the same minds who keep us fighting each other. Know how to establish personal and business relationships with you peers. There is a difference. I'm open to all criticism, negative or positive. Word to the wise though, be logical in your criticism, because ignorance reaps corruption, and you'd just be wasting a stamp. This brings me to my original topic though…

We are all Death Row, but there will be no unity even though it is needed. I see that we can't even join together in a recreation protest, in which there was no strain to go to recreation everyday, but nobody went except for the regulars. There are people working everyday to help us. I find it a shame that we can't help ourselves. We have a lot here that won't even help themselves on a personal basis.

Well, I've observed enough so far. I find the lack of support disgusting and impudent I've seen so much that it has invoked me to raise my voice into the crowd.

I'd hate to see another man among us die in vain. There are people who care about us and our lives. I've seen a lot of them give up, because of the lack of participation. They give up, but even though they gave up, there is still hope within them and you. Now that I have spoken my voice, I may spark anger or enlightement. In either reaction, I have accomplished a small goal within you. At the least, I have made you feel emotion towards a purpose. Your heart is no longer numb and uncaring. In conclusion, this is only my introduction into the frequent distribution of writings in this publication. If you have any complaint, criticism, comment, or input you know how to make contact and state your position. Your animosity is worthless while it is pent up in your suffering heart. Until next time, keep on your toes and hang on to hope. This is just the start of an encyclopedia of thoughts. Thank you for your time and patience.


Carlton A. Turner, Esq. aka Skoo-B-Dawg #999321