Society's Child

By Carl Buntion #000993

This is not one of your average poems
About Mother Nature or Father Time
This is about blood, sweat and tears
And everyone's favorite subject: crime

So, who shot the man at the hardware store?
Circumstance won't get the credit,
Publishers will even edit-out the real truth,
So, look to the mirror for guidance

Poverty cocked the hammer
Your environmentalism pulled the trigger
Sure, it's time to look down your nose, again,
At the bastard child that you have abandoned

You cannot create a predator
And then complain when it feeds
Vengeance will come full circle one day
And the hunter may become the prey

Pay-back is the name of the game
An eye for an eye is your motto
Your philosophy sucks
Your ism offers no forgiveness

So, who killed the man at the hardware store?
Was the killer a crazed, drugged-out psycho
Looking for his or her next fix
Or simply, society's child
Operating at the level they were reduced to?

For guidance in this matter
Look to the mirror, my friend,
Will you chance things, or look down your nose
While your child grows hungry, again?

Little Gray Pigs

By Carl Buntion #000993

Little gray pigs… at my door,
Always watching… wanting more,
Beady eyes… a hungry stare,
KNOCK-KNOCK… is anyone there?

Little gray pigs… behind the gate,
Watch their buddies masticate,
Be it fodder, fish or fowl,
Save some slop… for mama sow,

Little gray pigs… raid my cell,
Tear my things… all to Hell,
I forgive you… I'm a man,
Do not hate me… because you can,

Little gray pigs… all in a row,
Excessive force, yeah, we know,
See the porter… mop the blood,
Smile for the camera… Elmer Fudd,

Little gray pigs… just having fun,
Playing with… a loaded gun,
What to do… if it explodes?
Excessive force… and then reload,

Little gray pigs… heads held low,
Flowers everywhere you go,
Trumpets blaring… in the breeze,
Everyone on bended knees,

Little gray pigs… turning red,
Was it something that you said?
Satan welcomes you to Hell,
Little gray pigs… what is that smell?

Don't Murder me

By John Higgins 6/7/00

Don't murder me for the world to see
That was this man's plea.
I have the papers that say it wasn't me.
Look they are official papers written by D.O.C.
The reports say the killer was someone else.
So why am I the one strapped under these belts.
Guilt or innocence we don't care,
We've got to find someone to take the place of
The Chair.
Hey warden! Doc can't find a vein,
Tell Doc to keep cutting untill one's plain.
Hey, warden! This whole damn thing's insane.
We don't care we've replaced that old chair.
Doesn't that make the whole thing fair?
Guilt or innocence who cares who's laying there.

Bennie Demps was executed 6/7/00 in Florida with the above going on.

Hurry, Hurry

By John Higgins 8/26/00

He chose to die, I think I know why.
He waived all apeals, Now here's the deal.
Life on the row was too hard for this Joe,
So he wanted to hurry the verdict of the jury.
This made some happy, this made some mad.
I wonder in the end if he was ever glad.
I guess he didn't know if you wait sometimes
You may get off the row.
But for him we will never know.

Dan Hauser waived all appeals and was executed in Florida on 8/25/00 with the above going on.