Hand to Hand, All Life Is Precious
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Death Row Journal

table of contents . Spring 2001

"Cause and Effect"
by Thomas Miller-El, #000834
   "...nearly all the guys...have been executed..."

Meeting of family group representatives with TDCJ personnel
by Karen Sebung
   Hep C, hospitalisation, food and other issues

Legal Corner
by ShozDijiji ShisInday
   Federal Habeas appeals and an excellent summary of the appeals process

9000 Protest Bush in Sweden
Protestors show Bush what they think of him    

Penry Death Sentence Overturned

It's a flower garden on Death Row
by Bruce C. Jacobs #000876
A lamp for all
by Eugene Braxton #999044
Grok: to know
by Karl Chamberlain #999241
The beast
by Carl Buntion #000993
Ninth Anniversary
by Nazim Hikmet (Bursa Prison, Turkey)
On Ibrahim Balaban's Painting "The Prison Gates
by Cazim Hikmet (Bursa Prison, Turkey)

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