"Cause And Effect." Of The Institution Of Slavery Here In America… The Denial "As In Every Action," There Is An Equally Intense Reaction…
by Thomas Miller-El #000834

I've read several of the most recent copies of The Death Row Journal, which unfolded from one of the few initial projects developed and manifested by the hard work. dedication and devotion of some seriously ambitious Texas Death Row Prisoners passionate desire to create a very sincere and honest voice coming from the most systematically and legally oppressed group of men here in America.

From this idea was born "The Lamp of Hope Project." Although, nearly all of the Guys, who were the original developer have since been executed. I'd like to salute their memory just to name and Honor A Few. Even though, there were many other Guys, not mentioned here who made tremendous sacrifices and contributions.

1. Carlos Santana # 000695 executed on March 23rd, 1993
2. Michael E. Sharp # 000740 executed on Nov. 19th, 1997
3. James Beathard # 000785 executed December 9th,1999
4. Larry Robison # 000748 executed January 21st, 2000
5. Billy Hughes # 000556 executed January 24th, 2000
6. Cornelius Goss # 000912 executed February 23rd, 2000

There are other Guys, who are fortunately very much alive of whom I'm most certain can tell their story and receive their Honors-far better than I.

Much Like these memories of our original Great Ideas. Everything Good, Right, Honorable, and raised up in thought of Love unfolds like the bud of a Rose to show its flower. However, unfortunately, for every single Action, there is also a Reaction, A Cause and Effect. The Spirit of Love somehow attracts hate, the Spirit of Good attracts bad, the Spirit of Right attracts wrong, the Spirit of Success breeds Envy, the Spirit of money breeds greed, the Spirit of power breeds politics. The Spirit of the Human Race breeds prejudice and the list goes on.

So while We have Coalitions, Abolitions, Hope of Cures, Lamp Of Hopes, so forth and so on. There is no True Spirit of Love, Humanitarian conviction-strong enough to over come the disharmony, lack of Unity, Selfishness in self centerness, prejudice, racism, the Religious, economical, political, social and academic differences. Therefore there is no True Spirit of networking for a cause, a principle, a purpose, nor a Spirit far Greater than our selfish selves. Enslaved deeply within the Spirit of our very own self Righteousness, and feelings of materialistic Superiority.

Look in the mirror where chattel Slavery once ruled openly. it now rules within our own denial. Look around You, and you'll see an America everywhere divided A-long Racial, Political, Religious, economical, social, materialistic, and other lines of Love and Hate Slavery. While We all look for scape-goats, someone else to blame for our very own indoctrinate disease. Because of our very own lack of imitative, and refusal to take on and shoulder our very own responsibility...so thoroughly in denial We blame the unborn baby, the child, the teacher, the school, the ~1inister, the Church, the homosexual, the Blacks, the whites, the criminals, the condemned, the drugs, the Alcohol, the gang, the television and yet in still We want "Justice For All." The Republicans blame the Democrats and the Liberals and in reverse order .

No body wish to blame the deeply embedded hatred and the on going need for revenge Where is the Love and the Reconciliation? Can We trust ourselves to ever find the Love, the Spirit of Love...which is needed for Us all to thoroughly over come our very own condition of materialistic Slavery. As one form of Slavery gradually breeds another, until both the Masters and the Slaves are actually one and the same.

Look in the Mirror America. As it is now You who have become the same salvage who first discovered and defined the Native Americans, as Salvages... as You gradually stole their land, lives, and their freedom. Now, where is Your freedom to determine right from wrong- free of all the Political pressures. An Eye for and Eye, and a tooth for a tooth, has left America Blind and without teeth. In Loving Memory of Our Dead!

A Moment of Silence.

By Thomas I. Miller-El # 000834