Hand to Hand, All Life Is Precious
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Death Row Journal

table of contents . Spring 2002

"The Chair"
by Michael Toney
   "... It looks like a high performance, super efficient version of the "Old Sparky" electric chair..."

Pippin's Points to Ponder
   “No one on death row is complaining – why change the way we are doing things – why make it better for them if there are no complaints?"

The Ombudsman Office
   How to contact the TJCJ Ombudsman

Guidelines for correspondence and calls    

Offender Grievance Program    

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Open Letter to the Readers of Texas Death Row Journal
by Patrick Vert of Ottawa, Canada
   "... I am reading lots of positivity but there seems to be a cynicism concerning the readership..."

LHP Internet Visitor
by Kerryn Chapman of Australia
   "... Before I started this, I was a staunch supporter of the death penalty ..."

Moratorium News    

The Lady in Blue
by Carl Buntion, #000993
by Carl Buntion, #000993
Two Gods
by Carl Buntion, #000993

It's a Flower Garden on Death Row
by Bruce C. Jacobs, #000876

A Father's Love
by Carlos Trevino, #999235
No Love Insight
by Carlos Trevino, #999235
Sunshine and Rain
by Carlos Trevino, #999235

by Michael Toney
   "... Terrorism is defined ... as: the use of terror and intimidation to gain ones political objectives...."

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