Pippin's Points To Ponder

The main statement TDCJ officials tell our loved ones or organizations trying to help us is: “No one on death row is complaining – why change the way we are doing things – why make it better for them if there are no complaints?' USE THE COMPLAINT SYSTEM PROVIDED TO US! It's the only way to be heard.

File an I 60 when you have a problem or you need something,. If you have many problems, file multiple I 60s. If the problems are not solved, file Step 1 of the Grievance Procedure. If you receive a bogus response, file Step 2. Some guys act like they are scared there will be reprisals. Wake up – you're on death row. The only way to make it better is to complain.

Things to send I 60s and Grievances about:

1. Isolation cells. Are you tired of the 23 hours of isolation?

2. Being treated like a dog. Do you like being told to sit and fetch for your meals?

3. Poor or no radio reception. Some guys do complain about this but not important things.

4. Cold food. When our families complain for us about this, they are told the food is warm and there have been no complaints from us.

5. Being strip searched in front of female guards. Speak out.

6. Guards not washing their hands. Are you concerned about guards doing strip searches of someone else and handling their underwear, then handling you, or worse yet, your food or drink?

7. Torn up jumpers and socks. “Too bad, you have to take it.” Not!

8. Upset your visitors are treated rudely or bullied, or that part of your 2 hour visit is wasted because only the guard can get your snacks. Say so.

9. Are you tired of night noise, showers scrubbed at 12:30 – 1:30 AM with porters and guards screaming and yelling, nurses delivering pills at 1:30 – 2:30 AM, slamming bean chutes and talking loud, porters pushing cans down the run and then dumping garbage over the run to the row below spreading filth and disease, constant slamming of metal doors? Speak up and say so.

10. Being told what media people you are allowed to talk to.

11. Verbal or threatening abuse by guard. This is not acceptable behavior by guards.

12. Being locked down on a whim with your cell torn apart on a daily basis. Guards do not have the right to tear up and destroy your property.

13. Being VR ed for no reason. Have you forgotten being forced to rec outside in the freezing cold on days you were not scheduled to be outside so you would V R?

14. Opening your legal mail before you get it.

15. Taking your food purchased from commissary?.

16. Refusing to give you the boxes your paper and envelopes comes in so that your supplies get ruined.

17. etc., etc.

I'm not suggesting anything violent or disruptive. Just the opposite. Use the procedures we were given. Make them do their jobs. “If” 90 % of a wing went to rec, there would be rec ing and showering until 10 PM every night. Remember they tried the total strip search before and after rec, showers, and visits but had to quit because it slowed them down too much.

It will not get better unless you stand up and complain of mistreatment in the right way.