The Ombudsman Office
Adapted with permission from the Texas CURE newsletter, Sept 2001

TDCJ created the Ombudsman Office to assist with the inquiries received from interested parties outside of the TDCJ system. If a prisoner has a complaint, he should follow the rules to file a grievance. If a friend or family member has a concern, he may contact the Ombudsman Office at 936-437-8035.
The information below lists the Divisions of the various Ombudsman offices with phone numbers and email.


(Please submit inquiries in writing)

For expediency, it is best to attempt to resolve issues and obtain information at the unit, parole officer or CSCD level. However, if this is not possible, contact one of the following.

Ombudsman Coordinator
General issues concerning the agency's operation and policy and procedures.

PO Box 99,
TX 77342-0099
(936) 437-8035
FAX (936) 435-1747

TDCJ-Institutional Division Ombudsman
Issues from the public relating to Institutional Division/Transfer facilities

PO Box 99,
TX 77342-0099
(936) 437-6791
FAX (936) 437-6668