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Death Row Family Event

I would like to thank the Lamp Of Hope Project, the TCADP and the Texas Criminal Justice Reform Coalition for arraigning the meeting between DR family members and Attorney Jim Marcus, with the Texas Defender Service. It was very informative and well presented. There were about 20 people in attendance. The question and answer segment was more than I had expected and pointed me in the right direction. I look forward to future meetings and I encourage other DR family members to attend.

Deborah Reeves

We need your ART!

As members of the Dallas Interfaith Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty we are soliciting your work to present to the public in book form. We are asking that you submit any art that expresses your concept of the Kingdom of God. We will also put your website on the published work you submit. This should help all of you in getting your work out there for profit and helping the cause of abolishing the death penalty and creating a more compassionate humanity. Please help us help you.
The art can be in any form (writing, or drawings, etc.) Mail your work to: Diane Baker,7112 Stonetrail Dr. Dallas TX 75230. We are not able to use the internet to receive your work.
Thank you for your help.
Elizabeth Romig