May 12th

(Source; KSAT news)

The San Antonio City Council is being urged to pass a 2 year moratorium on the death penalty in Texas.

Yolanda Cruz, whose son was executed on death row, made her plea to council members Thursday at City Hall.

“The Catholic Church has always been for life,” Cruz said. “Including the life for those who are supposed to be executed.”

The moratorium proposal would also give the chance to see if minorities are being unfairly targeted.

“We just want 2 years for the system to review the laws,” Cruz said.

The plea before council comes five days before convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was scheduled for execution.

Federal officials are now recommending a stay of execution.

Cruz said that if she can get City Council to pass a resolution in favour of the moratorium, state lawmakers will be more inclined to approve the moratorium.

But the group Parents Against Murdered Children are against the idea of San Antonio City Council getting involved.

“I don't think they should get involved,” Margaret Espinosa said.

City Council listened to arguments on both sides but did not vote on whether to put the issue on a future agenda.