"The Lady in Blue"
"Two Gods"
"It's a Flower Garden on Death Row"
"A Father's Love"
"No Love Insight"
"Sunshine and Rain"

The Lady in Blue
By Carl Buntion, #000993

I have seen her awesome beauty
I have walked upon her shores
I have listened to her rumbling
I have heard her mighty roar.

I have basked within her warmness
On a sunlit summer day
I have felt her wintry white caps
As I sailed along the way

I have seen Her Highness give birth
I have watched her kill as well
Do not let her smooth flat surface
Lure you to her depths of hell

I have felt here awesome current
As I took away her pearls
I have felt her crushing power
As I read within her world

She demands utmost attention
She will pleasure you with pain
She's one gal you will not conquer
Set your sails upon the main

Cast your nets within her glory
Saint Elmo will guide you true
But don't think for one small moment
That she's seen the last of you.

By Carl Buntion, #000993

Age 12 is the longest year of your life
It seems like 13 will never come
The next hurdle you face is getting your Learner's Permit
Then you dream of actually driving the car
Without Mom or Dad clawing at the seats

Birthday 18, you can die for your country
But you can't vote, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol
Age 20 took seven long years to get there, from 13
But now that you're there, you're still not an adult
Age 20 is the longest year of your life

Age 25, and you car insurance is sky high
Single? Uncle Sam takes a healthy bite from your wages
Don't worry, he does the same thing when you're married
Ever notice how people in their 30's are not as cool as you?
Are you amazed when the big three-oh catches up with you?

Once you hit 30 the birthdays come way too fast
You wake up one morning and your hair is thin
Your waist is thick, and wrinkles have attacked you
A little hair tint gives you peace of mind
As you celebrate your 39th birthday (again)

Your 40's bring March madness and unrest
You deserve that sports car with the customized tags
In fact, you may take an ocean cruise too
You may also find yourself single again
And riding the bus to work

Did you stop to smell the roses along the way?
For some, life begins at 50.
Forget the birthday candles, just give me cash.

Two Gods
By Carl Buntion, #000993

Foxes in the Hen House
Wolves disguised as Sheep
The Tortoise wins the Big One
The Hare lies fast asleep

Humpty Dumpty Lost his Life
The Golden Goose is Dead
Grandma and Red Ridinghood
The Big Bad Wolf is Fed

Goldie Locks can't find her bowl
One Piggy built with bricks
His ghetto cousins lost their Lives
They built with Straw and Sticks

Nursery rhymes weave a story
Of Greed, Deceit and Sin
The Bible, in all it's Glory
Show thousands slain Within

So, is it any wonder
When Kids pick up a Gun
To satisfy their Hunger,
To appease the Evil One?

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
The Richest and the Poor
All share one thing in Common
The Gods want them, their whore

You just can't please two Masters
A Pawn, in their game of Chess
Their puppet strings hold fast, Sin
Two Gods give you No Rest

The Ones crushed in the Middle
Find Peace by going Mad
The rest of us are Riddles
We Are, Both Good, And Bad.

It's a Flower Garden on Death Row
By Bruce C. Jacobs, #000876

A stolen seed, lonely, planted in the blackest of dirt with no hope to grow,
surrounded by weeds and crabgrass to choke off any signs of life,
Faced with nothing but bleak cold days every day,
With only a few glimpses of sunshine to give some strength the seed struggles to become.

But along comes a Li'l rain to shower down this seed.
Determination sets in.
On the brink of death it refuses to wither away and die,
So it drinks a drink called life.
The other seeds have given up hope.
They refuse to taste the true giver of freedom,
They'd rather be eaten by crows, or choked by the thorny bushes,
Instead of planting some roots and thriving.

Now this once small, lonely seed has become the most breathtaking flower to behold.
It's beauty is beyond compare,
All because it hungered to be alive,
To give pleasure with its fragrance,
And to add beauty and colour to the world.

But only the most careful observer with a very keen eye can see this beautiful, rare, lovely flower,
Because this garden is in a sewage dump called “death row”
And the flower is growing within the soil of my heart.

A Father's Love
By Carlos Trevino, #999235

How am I supposed to live everyday?,
If my children are far away?
Every night my heart cries,
And a part of me dies!
I wish you were near,
But I stay living in fear!
As y'all stay far away,
I only wish to pass away!
How I wish to see y'alls smiles,
But my heart is being torn apart by the miles!
My tears fall like rain,
Because of my sorrow and pain!
Will there ever be a day?
When we will sing and play?

No Love Insight
By Carlos Trevino, #999235

Many nights I cry myself to sleep
Wishing someone would say; I was there to keep
I know it's impossible because I'm behind bars
And everyone is so far.
But to hear such lovely words
Would be like sweet singing birds!
I've looked for loving words far and near,
But no one seems to listen nor hear?
Sometimes, when I'm lonely, I cry,
When I feel like this lovely wish to die!
Being on Deathrow, without Love insight
It's a painful and horrible feeling inside, with an endless fright!
Will there ever be Love within sight?

Sunshine and Rain
By Carlos Trevino, #999235

You are my sunshine
You ensure me, everything will be fine.
You are my morning sun,
Promising me a day of fun
You are my sunshine of loving pleasure,
You give me love with endless measure!

You are my rain,
You bring me loving pain.
You are my storming night,
Promising me a night of fright!
Your rain drops are sadness to my heart,
With all the sorrow between us, we'll never part.

You are my sunshine and rain
You are my pleasure and pain.