by Michael Toney


Texas Death Row
October 11, 2001

If someone was to ask me how I feel about the death sentence that has been wrongfully imposed on me or how my impending execution be lethal injection makes me feel, I would say:

Extreme fear! Dread! Horror! I feel anxiety, dismay, consternation and trepidation. I am intimidated and in awe.

What one word did I leave out in describing how I feel about my impending execution? There's one word that describes my feelings perfectly. TERROR! All of the words I used to describe the fear I have of being strapped to a gurney and injected with poison until dead are synonyms of TERROR!

The United States Government, President George W. Bush has vowed to stop terrorism both here in the United States and abroad.

Terrorism is defined by the Oxford and Webster as: the use of terror and intimidation to gain ones political objectives.

I have been wrongfully sentenced to death by the United States government and the government of the State of Texas. These governments are made up of the people of both the United States and the State of Texas.

Terrorist is defined by Oxford and Webster as a person who uses or favours violent or intimidating methods of coercing a government or community.

Doesn't this analogy show that the United States government is acting as a terrorist in it's use of the Death Penalty? When the Honourable President Bush vowed to stop all terrorism worldwide, did he mean that the United States of America is going to cease its use of the death penalty as a deterrent to crime? Is the State of Texas going to stop terrorizing human beings by sentencing them to the terrifying punishment of death by lethal injection?

I agree with President Bush, terrorism must be stopped and I know he is an Honourable President because if he wasn't he wouldn't expect God to bless America.

For God to bless America the terror must cease!

Has the death penalty ever been used to gain ones political objective? To answer this question we only have to reflect on the last Presidential elections and the last gubernatorial election in Texas. We don't have to look far.

May God bless humanity, America and every country of the world. May God bless President George W. Bush with wisdom to recognize terrorism and the compassion to stop it.