Ken and Lois Robison, editors of the TX-CURE newsletter
Martin Hughes, who did the typing for most of this issue
Nancy Bailey, who did the copying of this issue
Alessandra ShisInday and Ursula Landrum, for collating, folding and stapling this issue
Deborah Reeves for getting out the word about the November 11th family meeting and serving as a great sounding board

Attorney Jim Marcus, Executive Director of the Texas Defender Service, for giving a great presentation on the appeals process to Death Row family and friends at our November 11th meeting at the Park Inn in Livingston. Jim was scheduled to speak for 2 hours but he spent nearly 3 ½ hours with everyone, answering many, many questions. THANKS SO MUCH, Jim!

WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ANSWER all of your letters. We want to but at this time it is impossible. We do not have a fulltime, paid staff. The LHP is run by dedicated volunteers. We have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mail. We are working on getting fulltime staff, but until then we will do the best we can.

WE WANT YOU TO CONTINUE TO WRITE US. We appreciate your thank you notes; they keep our spirits up. We need you to contribute your writings for future issues. We also want you to tell us what you would like to see in the Journal. Above all, we want to continue to be informed about what is happening on Death Row, so that we can continue to work for improvements.

WE WILL CONTINUE TO HELP PRISONERS. We may not be able to give you individual help with your problems or your appeals, but we will work to make positive changes for all. We will enter your complaints into our computer program so that we know what is happening, and where it is happening. We will meet regularly with prison officials, activists, churches and other organizations to advocate for prisoners.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Ask your family and friends to join the LHP. Send them the information that is in this newsletter explaining how they can help. When you have a problem, ask them to contact the Ombudsman's office. Ask your family and friends to call or write their local legislators and criminal justice committee members about prison problems. You can also write to legislators. If prison officials and legislators hear from numerous family members and friends, it will be even more effective than just hearing from LHP representatives.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Don't sweat the small stuff. Save your efforts for the critical situations and important issues. When reporting situations, always state the facts accurately, be reasonable and fair. And remember, the LHP really does care about prisoners and their families.