Medical Release

Texas abolitionists have asked me to request that each of you make sure that you have a medical release signed at all times. You may even want to sign a release for two people—one for your next of kin and one for someone local who could follow up on the medical care that you are receiving in an emergency. This idea was born after Jim Vanderbilt entered the hospital. Friends were relying on Jim’s attorney for any information—and even he wasn’t privy to all info. Medical release forms may be gotten from the medical department. Once a form is signed, it is good for 6 months—so you will need to remember to update them every 6 months. It is difficult for anyone to advocate for you without having this release signed. Under normal circumstances, you could sign the release after your friend or family member made an inquiry. But if you are unconscious, it makes it impossible for the other to receive information, etc.

So think about it. If you don’t have anyone to put on a medical release form, please let me know and we will get someone local to be on your form and be your medical advocate.