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Death Row Journal

table of contents . fall 1997

A Review of the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996
by Jerry Hogue #660
   "This NEW LAW mostly affects death row appeals because their life hangs in the balance of the appeals. ..."

The Lamp of Hope Goes Internet
by Les Bower #764
   "In these increasingly perilous days, it has become even more important for the voices of the Row to be heard, ..."

What Price We Pay
by David Goff #999015
   "... it is fashionable to convict the innocent as well as the guilty, in fear that the guilty may go free. ..."

by Windell Broussard #999064
   "... Terry was mentally retarded and was suffering from the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome and childhood violence, substance abuse, and poverty. ..."

Texas Prisoners Labor Union
   "... imprisonment in Texas remains unchanged from the prior plantation dictates that induce slavery. ..."

Problems in TDCJ-ID
   "Attorney seeks information about medical services and facilities. ..."

Capital Punishment and Thus Saith the Lord
by Rev. Joe E. Blackmon
   "Would Christ push the button that takes a man's life? "

Texas Death Row Inmates Speaking Out on the Internet

You Now Have a Place to File Your Complaints and Problems Against Any Part or Operation With and In TDCJ-ID
by Les Bower #764
   "If you are a wife, husband, family member, or a pen friend of someone incarcerated within the Texas prison system. ..."

Special Thanks Are Due!

We Couldn't Have Done It Without You

Murder Victims' Families Are Not Served by Another Death
by Pat Bane
   "The sister of one of Ted Bundy's victims told MVFR her family had achieved closure by taking their focus off Bundy. ..."

Gone Too Soon
by James E. Session

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