Hand to Hand, All Life Is Precious
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Death Row Journal

table of contents . Winter 1997

The Jericho Road
by Michael Sharp
   "The Jericho Road, a road belonging to the living but its end is in Death."

European Witness an Execution
by Jean-Bernard Dahmoune
   "I am a criminal law student, a French citizen, who is finishing a PhD about the death penalty..."

Death Row is a Society
by Bill Coble, #000976
   "Like all society, the more positive activities you have, the less negative ones you will have...."

Execution Train on the Fast Track
by Windell Broussard, #999064
   "Certainly this year has been fast, the track has been laid, and the death train has arrived here in Huntsville, Texas, with 34 men, including the mentally disadvantaged, the poor, and innocent being killed...."

November 19, 1997
by Gene Hathorn, #800
   "Having just learned that Michael Sharp has executed and having previously committed to writing his obituary, I find myself at a loss for words..."

Time for a Change
by Deb Schilling
   "I've been having trouble finding my voice, a means of expressing the way that I really feel... "

Changed Forever
by Karen Sebung
   "I can't even really tell you when I met Michael Sharp..."

Gangs Not The Answer
by Raymond Martinez, #768
   "My name is Raymond De Leon Martinez. I am a Texas Death Row inmate, and here on Death Row everybody calls me Rainbow..."

Our Injustice System
by Darlie Lynn Routier, #999220
   "Please allow me to share with each of you my sincere appreciation for all the love, support, and encouragement each of you has given me throughout this ordeal...."

by Karl Chamberlain #999241

To Do A Little Kindly Deed!
by O. C. Joiner #902

The Pond of Tears
by Brian E. Davies #999036

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