Death Row is a Society
by Bill Coble, #000976

Like all society, the more positive activities you have, the less negative ones you will have. In the last DRJ I wrote Death Row Activities and Events and in it I asked for sponsors for putting on tournaments. I received no replies. I am aware that most DRJ readers are either on Death Row or in direct contact with a Death Row inmate. I try to put on four sport tournaments a year. Last year I had only one sponsor.

I would like to quote from his letter. "I know this is one of the times that makes me realize that in my work fighting the death penalty in Texas, I have been rewarded beyond all my expectations. The card will be taking a prominent spot on my desk."

When I received this letter, I showed it to the men here and it again brought great joy to them. They saw that a card that they signed meant so much to someone. I am again asking if anyone would like to be a sponsor. Please write and ask for the sponsor package.

Bill Coble #976,
Huntsville, TX 77343