Our Injustice System
by Darlie Lynn Routier, #999220

Please allow me to share with each of you my sincere appreciation for all the love, support, and encouragement each of you has given me throughout this ordeal. Never for one moment do I want to take for granted the kindness you have each shown me. Your friendship helps me endure every day in this hell that I am living.

Each day I spend within our system's walls opens my eyes to new revelations. I see our society from a different prospective. The hate and quick judgment of others and how human life has become so easily expendable is hard to tolerate. Yet 1 know it is not too late. Love is a powerful word and emotion. I am not talking only about the love between a man and a woman, but all the forms of love that exist. There is love between a parent and child, sibling and friends, but also the greatest love of all from our Lord Jesus who died on the cross for each and every one of us.

Each of us needs just to reach deep within ourselves and not be afraid to reach out to others and share this love. We need to comfort and listen and just show that we care. We need to let others know that their life has a value. Our prison system has deterred away from the very reason it was designed and that was to rehabilitate inmates. Do you even know that the system is now change from "Texas Department of Corrections" to "Texas Department of Criminal Justice", completely deleting the "corrections". The system has become a money-making political revolving door. Does society even realize what is taking place throughout our prison system? You could be caught up in this system as I am at any given moment.

Inmates are stripped nude in fields coming in from work, they are forced to publicly shower, dress and use the bathroom in dorms that hold anywhere from 30 to 100 inmates! Some inmates are locked into cells that are 6' x 9' and are then only given 1-3 hours outside of that cell. Can you just close your eyes and imagine being confined to a 6' x 9' room with nothing day after day, week after week, month after month, even years at a time! 0lU" system then releases these inmates back into society and they are then full of anger, humiliation and a sense of no hope or direction. It is my guess that approximately 96% of prison inmates will eventually be released back into society.

We desperately need to look beyond punishment and get back to rehabilitation. We need to promote family growth. education, self-esteem and a desire to want to change to better themselves. Texas rehabilitation is very inadequate to the real problems that are currently within our system. We as a society can help change this. It is, after all, our system.

Death Row, what about the men and women on Death Row? What about the fact that there are innocent people who have been placed on Death Row?!? Even consider the people who are on Death Row who have committed the crime(s) for which they are incarcerated. Pam Perillo, Michael Sharp, Karla Tucker, just a few who have confessed to their crimes, yet many years after being in the system, they have rehabilitated themselves completely through the love and mercy of our Lord. I have seen them reach out and put other's lives before their own. They have shown compassion, love, and understanding and they have proven that they are NOT a continuing threat to society ( a stipulation that the State is supposed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to be able to sentence to death) and have only been people who are truly remorseful for the crimes they committed.

These are the people who the State of Texas wants to MURDER. Will this bring justice, peace, or healing to the victims' families? Study after study has proven that not to be true. No matter how we want to turn our heads or sugarcoat the issue, the death penalty is MURDER. So WE are murdering people for their acts of murder???? How does this make sense or deter crime?? Our history and the world's history shows it does not at all deter or lower the crime rate. It certainly doesn't give our children and future generations a good message! Besides, I, for one, know that they will even execute innocent people.

I hope you all know where I stand on this issue. Believe it or not, each of you has the responsibility to end this barbaric act. You need to become involved and have the courage to speak out against what you know is wrong. This is unconditional love that each of you has. Where do you begin? Write letters, speak out publicly, and join organizations. Many more people are speaking up and taking a firm stand. Please join them.

An eye for an eye is Old Testament. Under this law people could be executed for adultery, murder, theft, working on the Sabbath, etc. But under the New Testament, we are forgiven with a covenant with Christ. "How much do you love me? I asked Jesus and Jesus said, "This much. ..." then he stretched out his arms and died.