by Karl Chamberlain # 999241,

First there was darkness...
Deep, black, enveloping, sweetness,
Barely visible were pinpricks of hope.

Then, they too fade into greynesses,
Finally, the rich velvety cloth of night
Encompasses all of the world.

The world sits waiting, like a bride at the altar,
Waiting, sweating, fidgeting--with hidden anxieties,
Seconds slip by like hours, or years--in darkness.

Then, with a touch of Grace and Glory,
The horn of victory sounds, as the sun's rays sweep across the sky,
The darkness is again limited to shadows before the greatness of the dawn...

Yet, how many souls slip away in the last seconds of the night?
Their minds heady with the scent of the sweat of their fear,
Do they cry as they despair, "Please, God, let there be light".

To Do A Little Kindly Deed

by O.C. Joiner, #902. May 1990

Please bless my little home, Lord, and those who live within.
And bless each one that visits, Lord and all who enter .
For friends are special people, Lord, a blessing from above.
And neighbors, too, without a doubt, who show a special love.
For all have shown a kindness by the little things we do.
A pan of bread or something said or just a hug or two.
So please help me show my gratitude to someone else in need.
By helping those less fortunate and do a kindly deed.

The Pond of Tears

by Brian E. Davies, #999036

The past is falling far behind
its almost out of sight
The future's looming straight ahead
But will it be so bright?

I turn around to see the past
Most of what I view is pain
Sure, there were happy moments too
But they drowned in all the rain...

Did I learn what life has taught
Or was it all in vain?
And will I trip on life's long road
To make the same mistakes again.

I gaze into the Pond of Tears
And reflect on years gone by
Do I spend the time ahead of me
In Pain...Still asking why?

In the Pond I see reflections
I shatter them with stones
But the images remain the same
I'd best leave them alone...

They cannot serve me any use
Those memories of mine
And though I've tried, I know I can't
Turn back those hands of time.

So I walk away from the Pond of Tears
And with it stays my past
I walk towards the light ahead
It's coming at me fast

It represents my future now
One I might not have had
If I'd give in to helpless
And only seen the bad..

So I ask this light to shine the way
To a life of ups and downs
I take the first of many steps
And leave the past to drown...