Hand to Hand, All Life Is Precious
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Death Row Journal

table of contents . Summer 1998

Karla Faye Tucker-Brown, I'll never forget you
by Jim Vasaldua
   "It was a few days before Thanksgiving when I first heard the name of Kana Faye Tucker-Brown..."

New Recruit
by Robert Fratta, #999189
   "Greetings to all! My name is Robert Fratta...."

What Manner of Control
by David Goff, #999015
   "Federally mandated bare necessities, such as food, clothing, safe housing, and medical treatment are not the only barometers of overall conditions of a prison system...."

Searching for Hope: Reflections in preparation for a vigil against the death penalty
by Dennis R. Longmire, PhD.
   "Having just learned that Michael Sharp has executed and having previously committed to writing his obituary, I find myself at a loss for words..."

My God is no Stranger
by T. Jackson #821

Here in Texas
by Karl Chamberlain #9992412

Remember Him
by Rex Mays #999172

This is Life
by Robert J Anderson #999084

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