My God is no Stranger

by T. Jackson # 821

I've never seen GOD
but I know How I feel...
It's people like you
who make him "so real"...
It seems that I pass him
so often each day...
In the faces of people
I meet on my way...
He's the stars in the heavens,
a smile on some face...
A leaf on a tree,
a rose in a vase...
He's winter and autumn,
and summer and spring...
In short, God is
every real, wonderful thing...
I wish I might meet him
much more than I do...
I would if there were
more people like you...

Here in Texas

by Karl Chamberlain # 999241

Here in Texas,
Leave us our illusions.
Do not be disillusioned,
We know,
The murderer stalks
In the courtroom,
As well as, the alleyway.

Grave stones
Political steps to power.

Here in Texas,
Leave us our monsters,
They're easier to see
Than the man masked by our fears.

Besides, they're easier to kill...

Remember Him

by Rex Mays # 999172

Well, here he is, but not like before
He is now sitting here, thinking as he looks out of his cell's door.
He is now in a place of doom called "death row".
He looks back and says "please do right, and do not follow

Sure he can still remember the good times he had,
And he tried to forget about the bad times and the sad.


He hopes you will remeber him for the best;
Because the state is trying to put him to death, like all the rest!!!

This is Life

by Robert J Anderson # 999084

We start out a youngster;
As babies we can only watch and wonder!
In our early stage we operate as expected!
As toddlers we decide to defile our blinds;
Driving our parents out of their minds!

Our parents though we were controllable;
Not to worry about - Then we broke out!
Now that we are older and school is the norm;
This is the time for hte parent to be born!

At ages 1-5 we are taught to obey;
Then at 6-20 we are expected to help in our own way;
As kids we played all through the days
Because that was the way!

As teens we thought out and played our schemes:
Hoping one day to reach our Dreams!
In adulthood we are doing our jobs;
Hoping not to look like slobs!

As time went on we aged and became parents
Now towards the end we look back at where we began
Watching is as it ran!!!